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Sports Therapy in Costa Mesa, California 

Individuals who endure ongoing and persistent pain from degenerative conditions or have continuing pain and symptoms from an injury require a solution that will actually last. Many people like to keep more invasive options, such as surgery, as a last resort and that is completely understandable as many of these surgeries only provide a temporary fix and come with prolonged recovery times.

Regenerative medicine is a safe and effective alternative method of sports therapy, where we take the elements from the persons bone marrow and inject it into the problem areas, such as knee joints. Components then work to naturally repair the area. This therapy helps chronic wounds to reconstruct and restores areas in the body by reducing inflammation improving pain management and accelerating body’s ability to heal wounds and maintain overall athletic performance.

Football player during sports therapy.

The building blocks of life

The building blocks of our body are grown and created during the embryonic development stage. They are able to convert themselves, adapt and multiply to be whatever is needed whether it is to create skin, muscles or liver matter. These components are located in your bone marrow, blood, and adipose fat and although they can lose strength as we age, they still contain beneficial transformative and regenerative abilities.

When the human body encounters trauma or an injury, the building blocks and elements activate themselves to aid with replenishing and mending, however it is often not in the quantity and potency you may need. Clinical trials have displayed numerous advantages in the incorporation of curative therapies such as healing diseased tissues and promoting the endothelial growth factor.

Injured football player in need of sports therapy.

Rerouting the elements 

Our regenerative medicine treatments are a safe and effective solution for many musculoskeletal disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, sports injuries and orthopedic complications. As a part of our therapy treatments, athletic performance is also enhanced due to accelerated healing and maintenance of joint health.

We collect components from your bone marrow and avert them to where your body needs tissue repair the most. When we focus these resources to the areas of your body that need curing, we’re able to give your body the healing boost it needs to repair your damaged tissue, which, in turn, eases your pain. 

We collect components from your bone marrow during an in-office procedure with the application of local anesthesia. Once harvested, we’re able to then re-inject the elements back into your compromised tissue, where your body immediately absorbs and benefits from the reinforcements. Your body will promptly experience an increased immune response as the components work to reduce inflammation and rebuild and repair your tissue, while multiplying other resources to support the process. 

Combating Chronic Pain

These biological components are natural resources that when reallocated to needed areas, allows us to use them to lessen chronic pain that derives from a wide range of concerns.

Some examples of conditions that can be treated:

  • Degenerative disc diseases
  • Lateral sclerosis
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Connective tissue injuries
  • Neuropathy/nerve damage

This non-invasive approach is an excellent sports therapy option that doesn’t just put a band aid over the problem, but actually collaborates with your body to recognize and repair the underlying conditions to provide effective long-term results. Depending upon what your medical issue is, a series of several regenerative medicine treatments may be advantages to help your body eventually rebuild and strengthen from within.

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