Second Opinion Consults

Seeking a Second Opinion

When presented with an important medical decision, a second opinion may be necessary. It can be uncomfortable to bring it up, especially if you’ve been with your doctor for a long time and have built a relationship of trust and mutual respect. However, second opinions are acceptable and completely normal in the medical field and that momentary awkwardness is worth the many benefits of seeking one. Your health care journey is a joint venture and it’s important to get medical advice from various sources. But where do you start?

You may see several different doctors and still be confused with the treatment path. It can be exhausting and even emotionally draining after sitting for several hours outside of doctors clinics and getting different opinions, all of them suggesting contradicting treatments. Dr. Buda and his team at Choice Care offer second opinion services to help you make an informed decision about your treatment path.

Woman in need of second opinion.

If you ever have any doubt about the accuracy of your diagnosis, the recommended treatment, or just have that gut feeling in general, then getting a second opinion may be beneficial for you. As a patient, it’s important to understand that different perspectives are held on all kinds of diseases and conditions, For example, you may get differing opinions from a neuropathic doctor on lifestyle suggestions, medication approaches, surgical and nonsurgical approaches. Maybe you have been given vague terms for your condition. Or perhaps you have followed your physicians recommendations for a period of time and haven’t seen any improvement or the result you would have expected by now. 

During appointments, Dr. Buda and his care team have direct access and will reach out to specialists while you’re in the office to help smooth a transition or arrange a consultation. They will also research and refer you to specialists for your specific medical issues and needs. Choice Care concierge medicine will forward all of your medical records and brief the doctors in advance about your condition or treatment plan before you have your appointment.

Do you need a Second Opinion?

Choice Care’s Second Opinion Consult program is for patients who:

  • Have a physician but cannot get their questions answered NOW!
  • Have a complicated medical issue and they need a second opinion NOW!
  • Are not yet sure if they want to join Choice Care but need help NOW!
  • Need an available medical advocate to expedite medical care NOW!
  • Need a medical navigator to get them the care they need NOW!

If you need a second opinion, don’t hesitate to contact Choice Care.

  1. Call the office and speak with our office manager. Let them know you want to utilize the time and expertise of our Choice Care Concierge Doctors, and whether you’d like to reach them by phone, email, or schedule a visit in person.
  2. Sign the consent form and the contract (HIPAA requirements) so that we may get the medical history records we need.
  3. Contact Choice Care at the scheduled time and using the method of your choice (access by phone, email, or in-person visit)

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