Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa, California 

Physical therapy is an effective treatment that is used to correct a wide range of issues within the body after trauma or an injury has occurred. Physical therapy is used to rehabilitate and increase physical mobility to avoid medicated drugs and more invasive solutions such as surgery. Physical therapy starts with recognition of physical impairment, motion-related restrictions, or balance condition that happens from trauma to the body or an injury, congenital conditions, a newly onset disability, or other physical impairments.

Male patient undergoing physical therapy

The Primary goals of Physical Therapy 

The primary goals of physical therapy are to:


  1. Fix limited or altered mobility: Physical therapy will help to mend the underlying pain-related symptoms that can be causing chronic pain. It not only provided immediate alleviation but also can help you make corrections to prevent future ongoing issues.

  2. Decrease scar tissue development: After an injury or surgery your body creates excess amount of scar tissue surgery. It is important to try and avoid this from happening because it can be uncomfortable and even painful. For maintaining flexibility and range of motion, stretching is important. To prevent this build up of scar tissue which can result in a feeling of painful tightness in the muscles, physical therapists use stretching practices and other manual methods.
  3. Strengthen: Strength building exercises help to secure you reinforce the musculoskeletal system which helps to lessen joint pressure. Sometimes, imbalances in strength can contribute to an injury.
  4. Optimize recovery: By treating discomfort, scar tissue, flexibility, scale of mobility, and more, physical therapy services help to get the best post-surgical or post injury results. 
Patient with knee pain undergoing physical therapy.

Advantages of Physical Therapy

There a many benefits that come with physical therapy, including lessened discomfort, improved mobility function, enhanced range of motion, better posture, and much more. The main goal of physical therapy is to gain back your bodies function and return to your regular daily activities to enhance your quality of life. Physical therapy offers an opportunity to learn more about the workings of your body and how important it can be to understand specific areas of weakness or misalignment that may be associated with an injury. It can be a crucial part of healing from any sports injuries, spinal conditions, and many other issues. Health care professionals diagnose and evaluate individuals of different ages who have varying medical issues or other health-related conditions that limit their abilities to enjoy an active lifestyle. Physical therapy also works to avoid the loss of mobility before it occurs through physical activity and personalized fitness focused programs that can create healthier and more active habits.

Physical therapy providers are keen on giving clinical care through adjustments, exercises and techniques to help with your individualized treatment plan. They work closely with your referring physician to ensure they are aware of your entire healing process. A physical therapist will incorporate their knowledge of medical procedures with their healing practices to help aid you with the most optimal recovery for your specific case. They will also access your behaviors, habits, and limits of movement to develop a care plan to help you return to daily physical activities. It is important to take your physical therapy seriously if you want pain relief, increased mobility, enhanced strength, flexibility, and correct alignment.

Physical therapy is used for several improvements some including:

  • To avoid surgery
  • Return to regular activity after an injury
  • Prevent injuries
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Improve balance and prevent falls

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