Naomi R. Florea, Pharm.D.

We maintain an environment of continuous learning, attuned to what is current, what is next and what is relevant to our patients.”

Dr. Naomi Florea is a former Associate Professor, Vice Chair of Innovation, and Director of Professional Experience Programs and Global Health Initiatives at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. Dr. Florea holds a specialty in Infectious Diseases, having completed a post-graduate Pharmacotherapy Research Fellowship at the Center for Anti-Infective Research and Development in Hartford, Connecticut. Dr. Florea served as faculty and Chair at Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy from 2003-2015 where she was involved in didactic and experiential course education, clinical practice, research, and international medical outreach. Dr. Florea has received numerous awards including Professor of the Year, Preceptor of the Year, Spiritual Wholeness, and the prestigious Humanitarian Service Award.


Dr. Florea’s research interests range from the pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics of anti-infectives to the impact of pharmacists run medical clinics in underserved areas around the world. Dr. Florea’s focus at Choice Care is on providing Comprehensive Medication Management to the patient population served by this Concierge Medical Practice. Comprehensive Medication Management reduces medication related morbidities, adverse drug events, drug interactions, medication non-adherence, delays in evidence based therapy, and unmitigated medication costs. Comprehensive Medication Management provides the most efficacious, safe, cost efficient, and personalized pharmacotherapy regimens, thereby ensuring optimal outcomes for Choice Care patients.

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