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The two-step process of becoming a Choice Care member

Becoming a member of Choice Care will give you access to the comprehensive care and services of Dr. Daniel Buda as your personal physician and health care advocate. By accepting only those patients who choose to pay for primary care on an annual retainer basis, Dr. Buda is able to limit his practice to a few hundred patients. This allows him to build a stronger personal relationship with his patients, while offering a higher standard with quick access to superior personalized care.


Golfer who will become a member.

The Interview – We start by listening, we continue with care. 

Choice Care begins with a free, private, and no-obligation interview with Dr. Buda where he will ask you about your health history and overall wellness goals. You can use this as an opportunity to interview Dr. Buda and ask any questions you may have about Choice Care or concierge medicine. If you choose to become a concierge care member, you’ll be given a simple membership contract form to complete, along with a medical history questionnaire and a membership kit that includes Dr. Buda’s personal cell phone number and member only email address. You’ll also receive a member only office text number for immediate and direct access to help, should you need it. It’s that effortless. Once you’re a member, the full scope of Choice Care benefits become accessible. Feel free at any time to call, text, or email Dr. Buda or the office.


The Physical – A comprehensive evaluation of current health and wellness.

The monthly fee is for your all-inclusive primary care services. Once you’ve paid the concierge fee, there are no per-visit charges except minor fees for supplies used in procedures, such as lacerations or cyst removals. New Choice Care members are encouraged to schedule an initial 60-90 minute office visit and consultation. During this visit Dr. Buda will review your medical history and offer you a thorough physical exam. You will get a health screening along with recommendations for management of your current healthcare needs or issues and a new plan for reaching your personal health goals. Whether losing weight, feeling more confident, coping with stress, or improving physical and mental performance, you’ll get the doctors personalized prescription to help you achieve the vision you have for your health. All results, goals and data will be professionally documented, down to each and every detail. Through experience, we believe that concierge medical relationships are the most valuable investment in your health and in your life.

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