Concierge & Regenerative Medicine

World-class Medicine in Newport Beach, California

World-Class Medicine


Experience a new kind of relationship with your doctor, one where you can access them on your schedule.


We provide the latest treatments and technologies in regenerative medicine here at Choice Care Concierge Medicine.

Physical Therapy

From sports injuries to joint pain, you can be confident we will treat you with the utmost care and attention.

The 4 A’s of Concierge Medicine



Having dependable and direct access to your physician via their cell phone and email for all health and wellness needs.



Receiving current and well researched medical information and recommendations personally and immediately.



Obtaining the necessary time you deserve with your personal physician for comprehensive medical care or wellness coaching.



Membership means the utmost consistency in every area of care at all levels of the relationship at all times.

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Suffering from a Sports Injury?

At Choice Care, we can treat a wide variety of sports-related injuries, including tendon damage, muscle damage, and joint damage. Get back on your A game with our tailored treatments.

Looking for a second opinion?

When presented with an important medical decision, a second opinion may be necessary. It can be uncomfortable to bring it up, especially if you’ve been with your doctor for a long time and have built a relationship of trust and mutual respect. However, second opinions are acceptable and completely normal in the medical field and that momentary awkwardness is worth the many benefits of seeking one. 

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